How To Satisfy Your Wife On The Bed, So She Is Addicted

What a joy when you find a way to satisfy a wife in sexual intercourse on the bed. Because this is your true status as men who are identical with courage and masculinity. However, the opposite effect will occur, if you do not succeed in creating a way of satisfying the wife when having sex. Due to many infidelity and divorce events due to this problematic. You want to know quality sexual tips? Do you know how to satisfy your wife on the bed? Do you understand the best time to have sex? To answer all the questions below we will summarize the problem of sexual relations between husband and wife. One effective and economical way is with hammer of thor, it is guaranteed you will enjoy every sexual relationship with your wife and she will satisfied and addicted.

Qualified sexual relations, not merely personal pleasure delivered. But you and your wife must have the same pleasure. If only you who experience the pleasure, then your sexual relationship is still not qualified. High-quality sexual relations other than you feel pleasure, but you must also be able to satisfy your wife.

The Best Time To Making Love

Sexual intercourse is not a trivial matter that does not need to be noticed. Especially when the purpose of copulation in order to satisfy your wife. Therefore, you must manage your sexual relations with a neat, orderly, continuous, romantic and disciplined. One of them is by arranging the best time of love or copulation you with wife in bed. Here are some of the best times to have sex that you deserve to try:

Having Sex At 8 PM

From the latest research, making love or making love at 8 pm is great for libido improvement. Because at this hour, male hormone testosteron is revitalizing naturally. This time is also very suitable for sex by couples with age above 30 years. Our advice if you want to satisfy your wife, use this time for Making Love. However, before you have to make dinner early for when having sex is not difficult to breathe.

When the Weather is Cold

Making love when cold weather is really delicious and will be very exciting. Because the effect of Making Love is the emergence of heat from the body. As a result with the collaboration between heat body with cold weather caused a sense of warm feeling is very comfortable and of course make love at this hour easier to satisfy the wife.

Fertile time

A recent study justifies that two weeks after menstruation, is a fertile period of women. Because the current clitoris has experienced enlargement. Well if you have intercourse at this time, then the effect of penis contact with the clitoris will be very enjoyable and invite exciting sensation.

After Sports

The best time to have sex in order to seek the wife’s satisfaction is when you finish exercising. But we do not recommend making love when your body is tired after the sport. This means that when you are finished sport and want to make love, refresh your body first such as bathing, fragrance, doing relaxation, making out etc..

Benefits of Sexual Relations

As we have described above, if sexual activity for the purpose of satisfying the wife should be well managed. Why is that? Because sexual intercourse is not just the activity of bringing together 2 genitals in one burrow. However, sexual activity also has many benefits for your own body, but it is also beneficial to satisfy the wife for the sake of household sustainability without virus infidelity and divorce. Here are the benefits of sexual intercourse, namely:

    Heart disease

Contemporary medical research proves that adams who have sex twice a week have a smaller chance to have coronary heart disease than men who only Make Love for 2 times each month

    Improving the Immune System

Having sex regularly can make the body produce immuno globin with adequate volume. Immuno Globin itself is an urgent compound of the body that works as antibodies against fever and flu.

    Overcoming Stress

If you have any kind of family problem, do not get rid of the routine of making love. Because with intercourse you will have the passion and positive spirit to face the problem.