In the past, a trip to the doctor typically occurred when you were already sick and in need of assistance. However, the scope of medicine has changed recently to focus more on wellness and preventative care. By shifting away from an emphasis on treatment-only options, wellness clinics like G&A Wellness Medical Clinic, PLLC, can help people take control of their health. What sort of options can a wellness clinic provide a patient?

Overall Preventative Care Programs

Wellness clinics offer family exams for adults and children just like a typical doctor’s office, but they can also provide a convenient way to get quick preventative care like a flu vaccine. Clinicians are also available to complete more specific exams, including annual physicals, obgyn checkups and sports exams for children who participate in extracurriculars.

Health and Wellness Screenings

Wellness clinics can provide biometric screenings for health insurance, which typically involve bloodwork and measurements of weight and BMI. Some wellness clinics even offer more advanced laboratory testing, including those for bone density testing, hearing loss screening or allergy testing. Performing these tests can help detect early changes in health that can be reversed or managed with the proper treatment.

Treatment and Management Options

While a patient with high blood pressure will be prescribed medication for their heart condition, in a wellness clinic, they also have the ability to speak with clinicians about management techniques involving diet and exercise. These ongoing management programs can aid patients with chronic illnesses like diabetes, asthma or allergies, by opening up more options for how to properly manage their conditions.

Wellness clinics are becoming more popular with doctors and patients alike as they allow patients to be more involved in their healthcare. By being involved, patients are able to catch illnesses early and get themselves on the right path to health and wellness.

Wellness Clinics: The Choice for Preventative Healthcare