Who we’re: We are 20 undergraduate college students who wish to make an impression on public well being. Working each regionally and globally, we’re energetic companions in confronting the well being-related issues of the current and future in a worldwide context.

I’m still not sure emergent-running a blog is the appropriate catchphrase nevertheless it must do for now. What I imply is that I am now utilizing this blog more and more to grapple with the ideas, tasks, and so forth. I am already working on. I find that writing things out typically helps me determine what I think, what I needs to be doing next. You just need to be careful not to pressure a conclusion or a takeaway message. Some valiant commenters have taken up the struggle and taken on the denialists at The man who originally posted the thought is a complete lurker. As of this morning his profile shows he helps no non-income, has taken no actions, raised no money or recruited anyone to any trigger.

It’s not sufficient that AIDS denialists have killed not less than 330,000 individuals in South Africa alone It makes my blood boil to assume their juvenile antics, like flooding the simplistic popularity contests at , will hold even a single particular person with HIV from getting the therapy that he or she needs. The different internet-primarily based social networking website for international well being that I’m aware of is Global Health Delivery Online , an initiative out of Harvard and affiliated companions that is trying to create on-line communities of observe round tuberculosis, AIDS and some different focused areas. Update: Read the report on global well being priorities from the Institute of Medicine on which Varmus bases his suggestions.Global Health

Most social networks for global well being are nonetheless toiling in the record-serv phase of world collaboration. Critically necessary—particularly in areas the place e-mail is extra easily accessible than the online. ProMED-mail , for example, works incredibly effectively on this model and on a shoestring budget with a number of volunteer labor. Here’s an inventory, with examples, that I am enjoying around with. Some of the layers overlap, after all. Feel free to play alongside, whether here or in your most popular social media. Instead, social networkers have to figure out what of us are already engaged on and simply persuade them to share that publicly. Seems like you can adapt this kind of technology to different makes use of. I’m thinking particularly about the authorities’s drug-supply chain in Malawi.

Actually, Lalleman doesn’t want me, per se. He wants the RSS feed of my scrumptious tags (e.g. growth , globalhealth , poverty) After testing Lalleman’s net path ( LinkedIn , Twitter , blog , ) and asking for some clarification, it appeared like a good idea. Once once more, the old behavior—of journalist interviewing source as opposed to source commenting immediately on a web page—was laborious to interrupt. I was completely keen to break it. But most people I talked to were not.

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