A bowl of cereal with extra milk is often the choice of breakfast menu . The reason is, breakfast cereal does not require a long time, fast, and very practical. Although it seems practical, is the cereal a healthy breakfast menu that deserves to be the opening dish in the morning? Check out the following review.

Is cereal including a healthy breakfast menu?

Cereals are generally made from selected wheat seeds which are processed into flour together with sugar and water, then cooked. Cereals also go through an extrusion and drying process. Until finally compacted and formed into various interesting pieces before being dried.

Cereals are often considered a healthy breakfast menu. Not wrong indeed, because sometimes cereals are also enriched with various vitamins and minerals that make it nutritious.

Unfortunately, most cereals sold today have been given a high enough sugar. That is why, cereal is no longer considered a healthy breakfast menu because it contains high sugar and can trigger blood sugar rise. If blood sugar continues to rise, you will be at risk of developing diabetes.

In addition, this blood sugar surge can also make weight gain dramatically. This is because the body is used to being given enough food from sugar. Now, when you don’t eat sugar, your body will starve and make you overeat.

In addition to containing enough added sugar, not a few cereal products are given a high amount of artificial, flavoring, and sodium dyes.

If you still want breakfast cereal, what to do?

Actually, tucking cereal as a healthy breakfast menu is not a bad idea. It’s just that, it would be better if you were surrounded by eating other foods that are nutrient dense. However, if the cereal remains the menu of choice in the morning, you should consider the composition in one of your cereal bowls.

In order to eat a healthy breakfast menu, you can add fruit slices and use milk, whether it’s full cream milk or low fat skim milk. Avoid consumption of sweetened condensed milk as a mixture of cereals, because the sugar content is quite high.

No less important, you also have to be wiser when you want to buy cereal for breakfast. Well, to help you in choosing the best cereal products, some of these tips might be tried:

Look at the list of ingredients

Don’t just rely on health claims on the front of the product. Make sure you always check all lists of ingredients, especially two or three ingredients in the first order because they are usually the most abundant in cereal products.

Pay attention to the sugar content

Ideally, choose cereal with not too much sugar, for example about 5 grams of sugar in one serving. If you find it difficult, it doesn’t matter to compare first between one and another cereal products.

Sometimes there are products that do not specify how much sugar is available. This could be because sugar is written in a different name, such as sucrose, fructose or glucose.

Even some cereal products do not include sugar levels because the content is quite high.

Obey portion instructions for one meal

Breakfast with cereal is delicious and delicious, making you want to eat it again and again. Even not infrequently, you can spend a few servings in one meal.

Though it is important to always read and adhere to the serving guidelines for a single meal or serving size which is usually tucked in the front of the product. Make sure you eat in the right portion

Breakfast Cereals in the Morning Is Practical, But Is It Healthy?