The term body fat is the common one in the world of health and exercise. Most people associate this particular word with term obesity, unhealthy constitution, and cholesterol. Even though lots of body fat can cause severe issues, you require a certain percentage of body fat for specific structural and metabolic functions.

Body fat comes from within the body through absorption of fats that you find in food. As the body will break down from these fats, you will notice two byproducts into the body – fatty acids and glycerol. The liver processes glycerol and makes it into glucose, and it will store it as an energy reserve.

On the other hand, fatty acids will provide you energy for most vital tissues, especially for skeletal and cardiac muscles. Therefore, it is essential to include in your diet and everyday meals appropriate amount of fatty substances.

We recommend you to check this website for best workouts that will help you reduce body fat to a percentage that you would like to have. However, before that, you should stay with us to check the advantages of body fat and their significant functions:

  • Body fat will help you maintain healthy hair and skin
  • If you want to maintain the right body temperature, you will need to have the appropriate amount of body fat.
  • Body fats are storehouses that will conserve energy for your body
  • Body fats are essential to ensure the appropriate functioning of cells.
  • Body fats have cushioning effect on tissues and organs.
  • The body will not be able to absorb vitamins such as E, A, D, and K unless you combine them with fats.
  • Body fats are one of the reasons for immunity boost, and they will protect your body from ailments.

Too Much Body Fat

You should have in mind that the body cannot function smoothly without body fat, but it is essential to have in mind that too much body fat will negatively affect your entire body. The often problem is that fats will get absorbed by the body, but they will store and preserve energy without burning anything.

The accumulation of body fats could lead to obesity that could create other health issues such as arthritis, breathing difficulties and heart disease. If you want to prevent problems that will happen if you have too much body fat, you have to be aware of your current body fat percentage and the ideal percentage that you have to return to.

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American Council on Exercise stated that ideal body fat is between 14 and 17 percentage of the total weight of a man. When it comes to women, body fat should be around 21 and 24 percentage of overall weight.

By knowing the exact percentage of fat in your body, you will be able to get real help when it comes to weight loss plan. Have in mind that various fat measurement techniques exist nowadays, so it is simple to track the overall body fat you have in your organism.

With a wide array of measurements, you will be able to adopt specific steps that will help you live a healthy lifestyle.

The percentage of body fat differs from individual to individual, and to learn more about it visit this website:

How Does Weight Loss Differ From Body Fat Loss?

Weight loss and body fat loss are two entirely different concepts, and you have to consider both of them if you want to look healthy and great. For example, if we analyze two individuals of the same age group – one of them is a normal person while other is athletically built.

Due to the extra weight of muscles, the athletic person could have more weight than the counterpart. But the second person’s weight has fewer muscles and higher content of body fat. Therefore, this particular person will have more weight-related issues than an athletic person.

It is essential to understand that losing body fat is not the same process as losing body weight. You can find a wide array of methods that will measure your body fat percentage, so you will get an accurate report on how much body fat you should lose to remain healthy and fit at the same time.

If you try to implement a weight loss plan to lose body fat, you should combine exercise regiment with a healthy diet that includes vegetables, fresh fruits and whole grains with a minimal amount of carbohydrates. That will keep your body fat levels to a perfect percentage so that you can enjoy more happiness and health in your life.

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