Walking on your feet can be painful at times, especially if you have to stand in one place for long periods. This kind of pain usually goes away on its own or by propping your feet up on a chair or another piece of furniture. There are a few situations that you want to look for that might warrant a visit to a foot and ankle specialist Pittsburgh PA office. If there are issues that the doctor detects, there are usually a few treatment options that you have before surgery or something invasive is considered.

One of the reasons you want to see a foot doctor is because you can get antibiotics and other medications for your feet and ankles if they are needed. The doctor can wrap your feet or use injections so that you have some kind of relief from pain and swelling. If surgery is required, then the doctor can explain the options that you have as well as what to expect during your recovery. The doctor can also prescribe braces or other products that can be worn with your shoes or that can be worn in place of your shoes.

If you notice any kind of area that doesn’t heal on its own or with medications that you can get over the counter, then you should consult with a doctor. This is sometimes an indication of an underlying disease, such as diabetes. Tests can be ordered to determine if there are any issues with your feet and ankles that you might not even know about that have been present for some time. If you have had an injury, then the doctor can perform tests to determine if there are any breaks or fractures that need to be treated. A benefit of a specialist is that the doctor only treats issues with your feet instead of other areas of your body.

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