Do you have your own business and do you sell products to customers? Then, of course, it is important to choose the right packaging for the product. The packaging of the product is very important and this is where you need to make a good choice. Nowadays, there are important requirements for packaging, and you want to meet them as a company. For instance, the packaging should ensure higher quality, but also serve as protection for the product. In the past, many companies used plastic packaging, but nowadays, this is not wise. Plastic packaging causes an awful lot of pollution, and the production of plastic in particular is polluting. Plastic also creates a lot of waste and, of course, this is not good for the environment.

Glass packaging is a good solution and is also a lot better for the environment. There are many other advantages to using glass packaging. Especially if you use violet glass packaging. Want to know what these benefits are? In this article, we tell you more about them, so you can find out all about them!

Slowing down the ageing process

Do you want to package cosmetic products in glass packaging? Or precious oils? Then it is important that the glass packaging protects the contents well, and violet glass is ideal for this purpose. The violet colour is not only good for the appearance of the packaging, but also protects the contents from sunlight. This is because violet is the only colour of glass that filters all visible sunlight and allows only UVA light. This combination of light filtering should ensure that the contents are optimally protected from ageing processes. This means the contents stay good a lot longer, and this is important when it comes to a valuable content. Many companies therefore prefer violet glass cosmetic bottles.

Order online

Would you also like to order cosmetic bottles with a violet colour? Or would you like to look for apothecary jars wholesale, for example? Then it is best to look on the Internet and find a specialist in violet glass packaging. This is because a specialist has and wide range of glass containers. Here, it is very important to look at the closure of the packaging. The sealer often determines exactly what you can use the glass packaging for. Have you found the glass packaging you want to use? Then place an order and have these glass containers delivered to your home.

The right packaging for the product you sell