Reproductive medicine center is the place where impossible is a reality. 

Your sexual health is a solid basis for successful baby birth, no matter if you are thinking about it today or not. 

Make a perfect contribution to your future – choose the highly qualified ADONIS Medical Group clinics, choose your good sexual health.

The ADONIS Center for Reproductive Medicine  highlights the quality and importance of services provided. 

That’s why we ensure the following list of advantages that outlines our proficiency in the Fertility treatment field:

  • Diagnostic and treatment centers

More than 14 medical establishments that are highly technological and easy to reach (wherever you are in Kyiv).

  • Diagnostic and Research Department 

ADONIS ‘own laboratory allows it to undergo a complete examination with accurate results and following consultations.

  • Embryo Laboratory and Storage

ADONIS own Embryo Department is known for high percentage of success during embryo transfer as well as perfect cryopreservation for your future transfer efforts. We create a new life with the help of the latest technologies. 

  • Stem cell Laboratory and Research 

Vitality Stem Cell Research Center which is headed by ADONIS Medical Group of Companies provides the next generation treatment using the ability of your own organism and its cells power.

  • Licensed cryobank    

ADONIS ‘own cryopreservation option is also available on request. If you want to preserve your biomaterial in a safe and controlled environment (in special boxes with constant temperature and in a stable position) – our specialists will help you to make a valuable contribution to your future.  

  • Maternity Hospitals

The most unforgettable moments of baby birth will be a real pleasure in ADONIS Maternity Hospitals (choose the one which fits you best considering location or staff selection). All around care for mother and safety for newborn is a must for us. 

  • Educational Center

Educational institute in a private clinic of ADONIS is aimed to give the full range of information for future parents – childbirth process and the partner actions, breastfeeding, complementary feeding aspects, newborn care, baby growth phases and much more essential information is waiting for you.

Patients from the whole world

ADONIS is a Medical Group of Companies that provide high level medical service in Kyiv, Ukraine. 

Even if you are not ready yet to come to Kyiv to start the Surrogacy or other infertility treatment – we have an option for you!

ADONIS International Department in Colorado Springs, USA. It is your best supporter and promoter of your comfort. With the help of our managers you will have full information about each treatment package you are interested in. 

You can even start the treatment process in Ukraine from abroad (in case, the initial phase of the treatment does not require your personal presence).

We undergo the best guarantees for patients both from Ukraine or abroad:

  • Safety
  • Professionalism
  • Full treatment cycle
  • Aim achieving
  • Loyalty
  • Caring  

And even more!

For our patients from the USA and Canada there are special options and advantages in matters of paying conditions and credit – for more accurate info, please, address ADONIS Support by filling the special form on the site.

Be safe and make your biggest dreams come true.

Reproductive medicine services:  ADONIS Centers for patients from the whole world