Plastic has made many glass containers disappear over the years, and this is because it is mostly very cheap. Most things are now in plastic containers and the same goes for milk, sauces and all other remedies. Plastic has mainly replaced glass because it is a lot cheaper. It is also less breakable and feels a lot lighter. Many people see this as an advantage and because of this, they forget all the disadvantages of using plastic. Research has shown that a large number of Dutch people prefer to use glass. Do you want to know why glass packaging is a lot better than plastic? In this article, we will go into this in detail, so you can find out all about it.

Glass is safer than plastic

Plastic turns out to be dangerous for the environment, and this is common knowledge. The production of plastic is very harmful, and the residual waste is even more harmful. Glass is very sustainable in that respect, which means it is already a lot better. In addition, plastic is also dangerous to health, and this is because of the hazardous substances in plastic. These hazardous substances are also very bad for health and can even cause cancer. When plastic is heated in the microwave, there are chances of hazardous substances leaking out. This can get into food and, of course, this is something you want to avoid the most. Some substances can disrupt hormone levels and this is unpleasant. Be careful, though because glass can of course break, and it is wise to handle this with care.

Glass from

When you want to buy glass, it does come in handy immediately to choose a good quality. It can also be useful to pick a provider with a specialisation in glass packaging. Calaso is known for this and has a wide range of different types of glass packaging. You can find glass for food here, but of course also for cosmetics. For cosmetics packaging, there are also special closures, and you have lots of them here. The advantage of this provider is also that they have their own factory for the glass. This way, you can also really be sure that the glasses are produced in a sustainable way. This also gives the glasses a better quality and makes them ideal to use for cosmetics. Order the glass containers on the internet and have them delivered to your home.

Reasons why glass packaging is better than plastic