When your doctor orders a test takes a closer look inside your body to make a diagnosis, such as an MRI or a CT scan, then you’ll usually be ordered to go to an imaging center. There are usually very few things that you need to do to prepare for your visit. Some of the scans might require that you drink certain liquids so that various areas of your body can be easily seen on the scan. If you’re ordered to drink these liquids, then you’ll usually receive them once you get to the imaging center in New Jersey. Sometimes, you’ll need medications given intravenously. If this is required, then you’ll need to arrive at the center before your appointment so that the IV can be placed and so that the medications can be given before the scan begins.

You can usually eat and drink before your appointment unless your doctor orders that you have nothing by mouth for a few hours before the scan. Some scans will show better results if you drink a lot of water beforehand. You can still take medications the same day as your appointment. If you think you’re pregnant, you need to tell the technician. When you’re preparing for a mammogram, don’t wear any deodorant or other substances on your arms. These can sometimes block a true image on the scan.

When you go to the imaging center, wear clothing that is comfortable so that it’s easy to get on and off in case you need to change into a gown. Don’t wear any jewelry or metal, and let the technician know if you have any tattoos or metal inside your body. For some scans, you should avoid wearing makeup as it could interfere with the device. You can usually get the results of your scan the same day or the next day depending on the details that your doctor needs to see.

Getting Through Your Scan