If you are shedding more than usual, then you are doing something wrong. It is simple as that. No one wants to hear that his or her hair is weak, but sometimes, it is useless to avoid this particular idea. We have numerous aspects of our lifestyle that will affect the strength of our haircut.

It depends on how we style our haircut and what we eat. Getting your strands to become thicker is about changing your lifestyle and reducing bad habits. When you start neglecting the idea of your strands, you will have to start using various supplements and medications. You should check Ultrax Labs hair surge review so that you can determine whether it would work for you.

Steamy Showers

How water is the main factor that will affect your hair. It tends to dehydrate your strands, which will lead to brittle and dry, which is more prone to fall out and snap. You are washing its protective oils, but the heat will also throw your pores into overdrive when it comes to oil production.

This could damage the rood and create more significant issues along the way. The best way to save it is to take the temperature down for a few degrees. You should try to clean it with the coolest water as possible.

Using Hot Styling Tools

The same way as hot water, when you use scorching temperature, you will damage the protein. Since proteins have protective cuticles, when you damage them, the moisture balance will disrupt your strands, and it will be more prone to breakage.

The best way to save your strands is to avoid using hot tools, even blow dryer. The maximum amount you should use it is at most two or three times a week, but with the coolest setting possible. You can also apply heat protection spray that will reduce friction and create a thermal barrier to your haircut.

Crash Diets

If you starve yourself, you will force the body to direct its energy towards vital functions such as helping your brain and heart work. However, it will not take energy and start making it. The fact is that severe hair loss is the common problem among anorexic people.

Therefore, it is important to eat a healthy diet with plenty of lean proteins such as chicken, fish, beans, and lentils. The main component of hair is proteins, and if you avoid consuming the appropriate amounts, you will thin and weaken it.

You should eat at least 46 grams on a daily basis, to maintain the health and strength of it. Click here to see why crash diets affect hair loss.

Do Not Handle Wet Hair

As soon as you wash it, strands will become fragile and more prone to breakage. The main idea is that it includes lots of water; the number of protective cuticles will reduce. Therefore, if you comb or brush it after the shower, and use aggressive towel drying, you will snap it off.

You should minimize post-shower brushing until you dry it. You should blot, and avoid rubbing it with a soft towel after washing it. That is the best way to protect it from falling off.

Tight Hairstyles

The main problem that could happen if you enjoy wearing tight braid or ponytail is that these styles will create tension to it follicles. If you overdo it, you can easily damage them and create scars that will destroy them completely and permanently.

This can lead to traction alopecia, which is a condition that will weaken the follicle and it will make impossible for hair to grow. The best way to reduce this particular problem is to wear haircut down whenever possible, especially while you are sleeping.

When you decide to tie haircut, we recommend you to keep it soft without pulling your hair, because if you overdo it, it will cause significant issues in the future. Check this site: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traction_alopecia to see what Traction Alopecia is and how to deal with it.

Long Lasting Hold Styling Products

If you use too much gel or hairspray, you will make a lock to follicle, and it will be harder to grow as before. Most of these products feature lots of alcohol, which will make it brittle and dry. As soon as you brush or comb it, the residues will cause the hair to fall out and break.

You should skip using products that will make it sticky or stiff. Instead, you should choose soft styling creams that will keep it moisture and will not create friction when combing.

Bad Habits That Will Make Your Hair Weak