Imagine that a loved one has Alzheimer’s, wanders off, and cannot find their way home. This is a scary situation, not only for your loved one, but for the family. If they are wearing a medical ID that contains their name, address, and contact information for family members, they can be returned home safely. Many bracelets are available with a flash drive that contains the medical records of the wearer.

In Case of an Emergency

People suffering from a number of illnesses wear a medical ID necklace or bracelet to alert emergency respondents, nurses, and doctors if they are unable to communicate. There are many conditions that call for a medical ID, such as diabetes, special needs children, epilepsy, food allergies, and cancer, to name a few. Universal Medical Data is an example of a company that offers personalized medical id bracelets.

Wearing a medical ID can help if you are transported to a hospital and cannot talk. They prevent misdiagnosis of many problems that could be mistaken for something else. When you are wearing a bracelet that is engraved with any medical conditions you have, medications you are taking, food or drug allergies, blood type, and contact information, the risk of a mistake being made is far less likely.

Preventing Minor Problems From Becoming Major

People who work in emergency services, such as firefighters, first responders, paramedics, police, and emergency room staff are trained to look for medical ID bracelets or necklaces. When they know a person’s medical history, they know why they are having certain symptoms. This ensures that they can get immediate treatment to prevent a major medical emergency.

Medical ID bracelets are available in a wide range of styles and some are waterproof, so they do not have to be taken off when people shower. This is very advantageous in the event that they might slip and fall while showering and be unable to communicate. Medical IDs have become so beneficial that the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is now requiring their doctors to issue them to their veteran patients. They are provided by the VA for veterans with injuries or chronic medical conditions.

A Medical ID Can Save Lives