Reasons why glass packaging is better than plastic

Plastic has made many glass containers disappear over the years, and this is because it is mostly very cheap. Most things are now in plastic containers and the same goes for milk, sauces and all other remedies. Plastic has mainly replaced glass because it is a lot cheaper. It is also less breakable and feels a lot lighter. Many people see this as an advantage and because of this, they forget all the disadvantages of using plastic. Research has shown that a large number of Dutch people prefer to use glass. Do you want to know why glass packaging is a lot better than plastic? In this article, we will go into this in detail, so you can find out all about it.

Glass is safer than plastic

Plastic turns out to be dangerous for the environment, and this is common knowledge. The production of plastic is very harmful, and … Read more

Reproductive medicine services:  ADONIS Centers for patients from the whole world

Reproductive medicine center is the place where impossible is a reality. 

Your sexual health is a solid basis for successful baby birth, no matter if you are thinking about it today or not. 

Make a perfect contribution to your future – choose the highly qualified ADONIS Medical Group clinics, choose your good sexual health.

The ADONIS Center for Reproductive Medicine  highlights the quality and importance of services provided. 

That’s why we ensure the following list of advantages that outlines our proficiency in the Fertility treatment field:

  • Diagnostic and treatment centers

More than 14 medical establishments that are highly technological and easy to reach (wherever you are in Kyiv).

  • Diagnostic and Research Department 

ADONIS ‘own laboratory allows it to undergo a complete examination with accurate results and following consultations.

  • Embryo Laboratory and Storage

ADONIS own Embryo Department is known for high percentage of success during embryo transfer as well as perfect … Read more

5 leg exercises to do at home without the need for tools

To tone your legs, it is not essential to have gym equipment. You can perform bodyweight exercises or take advantage of objects in the house.

Do you want a firm and strong legs? It is useful to follow a training program that includes special leg exercises.

Nutrition certainly plays a decisive role, but it is equally essential to carry out physical activities that make the leg muscles work intensely.

This allows you to keep your muscle mass in good condition and keep your skin toned and elastic for a long time.

Not to mention that leg exercises improve blood circulation and are therefore ideal for combating imperfections such as varicose veins and cellulite.

The good news is that it is not mandatory to use the machines or tools in the gym; there are several ways to tone your legs at home.

Today we want to share with you 5 … Read more

Dangers of Antepartum Bleeding During Pregnancy for Mothers and Babies

Antepartum hemorrhage is bleeding that occurs in the birth canal or vagina when pregnancy enters the age of 24 weeks until just before the baby is born into the world. If bleeding occurs after labor is completed, then the condition is called postpartum hemorrhage.

Antepartum Depression: Baby Blues That Occur During Pregnancy ...

Bleeding that occurs in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy can cause a variety of dangerous complications, both for mothers and babies. But if treatment is done immediately, then the risk of complications can decrease.

Causes of antepartum hemorrhage

Bleeding that occurs after 24 weeks of gestation, is not always dangerous. However, if the volume of blood that comes out quite a lot and is accompanied by pain or other health problems, then there is a possibility that your pregnancy is being disrupted.

There are several conditions that cause antepartum hemorrhage to occur, namely placental abruption, placenta previa, and vasa previa.

1. Placental abruption

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Guide on what is Phentermine and How It Work

Phentermine is a FDA approved weight loss medication prescribed for people who are obese. The medication is only prescribed for people who carry a body mass index (BMI) of 30 and above. It has been approved by FDA for use with other types of drugs like topiramite. It can be sold under different brand names such as Qsymia. The drug aids in inducing certain mechanisms in the body that can speed up the fat burning process.

How Does Phentermine Works

Phentermine works by suppressing your appetite and making you feeling less hungry so that you will not binge on food as much as you often do. The supplement can increase the level of neurotransmitter, which is the chemical messenger that interact with the brain so that your hunger will be reduced. Neurotransmitter is made up of several chemicals including norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine.

Phentermine is for Short Term Use

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