A Healthier Alternative to the Deadly Cigarette

Kicking the traditional smoking habit has got a wee bit easier with e-cigarettes and e-juices. All across the developed and developing economies, vaping has captured the minds of millions of smokers as a safe alternative to rid themselves of the deadliest addiction that mankind has experienced. With a very wide price range and increasing on-line presence, easy availability is a primary reason for the growing popularity of e-juices.Readily available in refillable cartridges, the prices of some choices are far lower than cigarettes.Marketed in an amazing range of flavors and sizes, e-juices promise a smoking experience as equally satisfying as regular cigarettes. The common perception on e-juicesis that it is less or even not as carcinogenic and does not cause passive smoking.Vaping is not smoking, declare its votaries. Nicotine free E Juice with a mind-bogging range of ingredients and flavors that aim at weaning the user from his nicotine craving, have therefore taken over this market.

What is an e-juice?

E-juice, in simple terms, is a base liquid containing a few main ingredients used in e-cigarettes.It is heated and atomized into vapor, and delivers the feel, sensation and the taste of smoking. Its base is predominantly a glycerin based vegetable juice, vegetable glycerol mixed with propylene glycol, into which a desired flavor is infused and diluted with distilled water. Nicotine, if used for flavoring, is of a very low potency. Other flavorings, when used, are invariably of foodgrade quality.

While tobacco continues to be top favorite, other much sought after choices are fruit based flavors, menthol, spear mint and such. Much like rolling one’s own cigar or cigarette, the proportion of each or all of these ingredients can be varied to obtain the flavor that one desires. It is the solvent propylene glycol that produces the vapor and that causes the sensation of throat dryness similar to cigarette smoking. No chemicals are professedly used – and nicotine is but one of the multitudes of flavor options – the one clear winning shot over cigarettes! No doubt, increase in sugar levels from vaping have been reported, due to the metabolism of the vegetable juice into glucose. Mild allergic reactions may result in some.  Organic e-liquids are not being introduced, promising rich and delicious yet artificial flavor free experiences.

With E Juice gaining acceptance, ‘smoking’ is now definitely passé.Vaporizers have done away with the dreaded curse of toxins caused by the chemical combustion during tobacco smoking. No more the smell of ashtrays and no more the avoidable aftertaste that cigarette smoking leaves behind.No more, the threat to fire and environmental pollution. However, available research or conclusive studies on e-juices is not substantial. Though it is clear that traditional cigarette smoking is not as appealing as before, evidence is lacking that e-cigarettes have in fact, helped smokers break their addiction and quit the habit. Quite on the contrary, the wide array of flavors and nicotine-free or nicotine-less propaganda has spawned an alarming vape-culture especially among the teens and first-time smokers. Vaping is now considered a healthy and cool way to smoke. Is it a blessing or a curse? The verdict is not yet clearly out.